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Updates and New Recommendations

Update: Market Touchy on Consumer Confidence, Uncertainty over Fed Action; News on American Ecology, Tetra Tech, Service Corp., Methode . . . .
(#621, 10-30-2007)
. . . . and Commercial Metals
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Update: Another Takeout for Portfolio 2006-2007, News on Advance America, Commercial Metals . . .
(#620, 10-26-2007)
. . . Penn Virginia Resource, Epiq and Turkcell Rise, and More Earnings Reports
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October Issue of 21st Century Investor

This month in 21st Century Investor. . .
In your October issue of the 21st Century Investor newsletter, online right now: -- Four brand-new positions: An investment company who acts like Warren Buffett, a play on emerging markets, a long-term healthcare REIT is a clever play on demographics and a global electronics infrastructure company with a big future in global industrialization. -- The Update: Latest news on our portfolio positions. -- China and Europe are purposely making it easy for us to keep buying and racking up debt. Why? And should they? -- Portfolio snapshots as of Oct. 5, 2007: all recent prices and performance. > More >

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Special Reports

"Will This $2.00 Energy Stock Go to $182?"
November 2006
Conventional energy sources are failing fast. Alternatives are few and far between. But the markets haven't caught on quite yet. "I'm launching an exclusive investment advisory service to profit from this coming tidal wave in the markets. Here's a sneak peek at my very first recommendation!"
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Biotechnology's Third Wave: The 5 Companies that will Drive the Green Industrial Revolution
September 2005
Within just the next few years, "Biotechnology's Third Wave" will already begin to clear our industrial skies...silence the hissing, wheezing, grinding and belching sounds of our Great Industrial Age...send oil oligopolies reeling...turn the $1.2 trillion global chemical industry and the $5 trillion global mining industry on their heads...set off a new agricultural renaissance...clean up our environment...and green our industrial landscape.
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BioSilicon! Profit from the SuperMaterial that will Rewire Your World by 2010
Updated May 2007
If you think silicon transformed our world in the past four decades — wait 'til you see what BioSilicon will do in a fraction of the time. In fact, it's already started! Silicon is the second most abundant element found in the Earth's crust, after oxygen. And it now plays a critical role in billions of people's lives across the planet.
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6 Defense and Homeland Security Stocks You'll Want In Your Portfolio
May 2005
If you have the courage to read a newspaper, listen to the radio or watch the 11 o'clock news, you'll see why aerospace, defense and security stocks are going to stay in style. Helped by the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and the reasonable expectation of a continuing stream of revenue, some innovative companies are posting doubled income and watching their share prices rise. Here are a few companies with stocks well worth considering.
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Nanotechnology's First Big Alternative Energy Blockbuster Plus 4 Nanotech Start-Ups Poised to Change the World
May 2005
In this report, we reveal five nanotech pure-play start-ups that we believe will one day become household names like Pfizer, DuPont and Amgen. These companies are truly extraordinary. They boast outstanding scientific teams, strong corporate partnerships, powerful patent portfolios, and they are working on profound innovations which have the power to bring about sweeping economic transformations on a global scale.
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Cashing In On Electronic Health Records (EHR) and 2 More Major Medical Breakthroughs
May 2005
Here's a Technology that Hundreds of Thousands of Doctors, Medical Practices, Clinics and Hospitals Have to Adopt Soon. The Government Says, "Do It." In the Next Couple of Years, Doctors, Hospitals and Clinics Will Spend Billions of Dollars on Electronic Health Records Software. One Company has -- Undeniably -- the Best and Most Affordable Technology Available.
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